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 David recently finished Any Given Day  a cultural exchange between students from Los Angeles and Rwanda on how they spendon any given day.



photo credit Matt Chaney (most)

When children’s faces light up because the prince conquered the demon; or when a too-cool-for school-hipster’s eyes swell when all seems lost; or when the old-fogey learns a new lesson hidden in an ancient myth, I am loving my job. I tell stories – stories that inspire, teach, and provoke – stories that move me, and make me a better/kinder person.

I perform for all ages in classrooms, corporate offices, libraries, galleries, around campfires, and on actual stages. I opened the LA Storytelling Festival and was Regional Representative for the National Storytelling Conference. From 2nd graders learning about natural selection, to edgy artists watching narrative-based performance art, everyone enjoys a good story. It teaches us compassion. It makes us think. It makes us smile.
I’m smiling right now.