for LGBT kids!

Proudkids_logoI tell stories for LGBT families and friends. Fun. Silly. Empowering. (No-Bullying!)    Some  stories happen to have heroes with partners of the same gender. Some are non-specific.  Whether a 10 minute tale  or a full one hour show, your audience, of all ages, will be delighted.

Bring these stories to your local Gay Pride Festivals! Teach PRIDE to everyone! For more information go to the bookings page or the rates page.

The Sassy Scarf Story – Little Jo-Joey can’t figure out why everyone has a problem with his beautiful sassy scarf?!?! I mean hello, it’s the most awesome scarf in the world!

Mary-Anne and Ginger
– These 2 ladies have to figure out whose permission they need to get married! You’ll never guess where the answer lies.

The Shrew, the Shoe, a King, and a Prince – An evil Shrew who lives in a shoe captures Prince Even Steven! His fiancee, King Alexander Maximus, will face anything to get him back!

These stories, and others, offer laughter, entertainment and empowerment. What kind of messages and information are these kids getting? Where’s the homo-normative? As a child I CRAVED my story somewhere. Anywhere! As an adult, I wish to let kids hear a story where their lives are reflected. I might be a completely different person with a happier past had I had a sassy scarf story. 🙂

David performed in The Regional Showcase at the 2010 National Storyteller’s Conference and opened the LA Storytelling Festival. His work has been seen at the NYC and Hollywood Fringe Festivals. His plays and videos have received worldwide attention. David recently completed the book Any Given Day a cultural exchange between students in Echo Park, Los Angeles and students in Rwanda, Africa. His latest picture book “When Carrots Ruled the World” can be purchased at his website Tales of the Tribe.

Please note: these stories are intended for children and refrain from using any vulgarity or overtly sexual imaging. I think this is an obvious thing to say but have been warned to say it just the same. So there.