Storyteller’s Story

Once upon a time there was a storyteller. As a child, he told and told and wove and wove tales and stories and adventures to anyone who’d listen.  As he grew, the stories changed. He stopped telling stories to anyone and only told them to people he liked. People who were nice to him. So he became a storyteller to his own tribe, and type of person.   The tribe was small but they had a lot of fun!

One day, another group of folks did some things that didn’t make the storyteller very happy. But when he spoke to them, he found their words and his words, although of the same language, didn’t make sense to each other. He didn’t understand their story.  As well they, having only heard bits and pieces of his tribe’s story, didn’t understand him at all. So he decided to try and tell stories everyone would understand.  Stories of love and kindness. Adventures of loss and peace. Tales of delights and joy.

Some of the tales were ancient in origin and some he invented off the top of his head. Many people outside of his tribe really liked his stories.  So he told more. He told stories for people young and old and of every shape, size and type.  And his tribe grew.  It included a whole bunch of people that he had considered “them” and now he included as “us.” And a whole bunch of folks that had considered him “one of them,” now thought of him as “we.”

He found the world to be a better place when all acknowledged and cared about one another (even people we don’t always agree with.)  Now his tribe is the size of the world! It’s still growing and welcomes everyone who is respectful of all the wonderful paths and cultures our globe offers.  And the storyteller is happier than ever. 🙂

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