I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.
-Marilyn Monroe

Storytellers occasionally work for free and sometimes get paid thousands of dollars. This depends upon on whether our audience is a small community outreach program with little funding or a giant corporation.  Chances are that you fall between these to two extremes.  To figure out a proposed rate ask yourself, or organization, the following questions:

1)   What are you asking me to do?

  • A single 20 minute story?
  • A full hour long concert or show?
  • Multiple performances for a variety of ages?
  • Teach a class?

What I offer:

  • Stories for Children classics to originals.
  • Stories/Monologues for a mixed ages audience.
  •  Fringe style or  Performance Art for the artsy adult.
  • Classes in storytelling and creativity for all ages.

2)    How am I getting to you?

  • I have to fly to you (coach is cool) I tend to fly out of LAX or Burbank airports.
  • I have to travel to the airport so allow for “to and from” costs approx. $100.
  • I have to stay somewhere (sorry I don’t stay in private residences).
  • I have to perform.
  • I have to fly home. (I like my home.)

3)   Are you selling tickets to the event? Charging for the class? Please consider this.

Now look at your event budget. What can you spend honestly, fairly and in good faith? As they say in The Godfather: “Make me an offer I can’t refuse!”