Build Team Bonding. Create Confidence. Re-define the Box. Have fun.

Children learn narrative, conflict, metaphor and team building. Professional Actors learn to re-engage in character and improvisation. Business Professionals learn skills to make  better sales and client contacts. It’s that clean cut and simple. You tell stories each and every day. Why not tell them well?

Classes in Storytelling are available for individuals and groups; one-time or on-going; writing or performance based. I can tailor a class to any needs.  Often I find the client doesn’t know what those needs are. I can help there too. Kids wanting to put on a play might actually want a storytelling experience to find themselves, and their stories, in this seemingly anonymous world. Corporate clients may want to “up public speaking comfort levels”, but actually need “basic story structure writing” lessons to build confidence.

I can help. Email me from the bookings page and let’s talk. I’m really good at dialogue 🙂