Stories for All

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Here is an overview of the types of stories I tell. I write new stories everyday and re-work old stories, for new purposes, all the time. Tell me what you’re seeking and I’ll find the right story. (Especially if you’re seeking a laugh!)

Have a specific story need? Trying to find a story that teaches about evolution, or one that focuses on a famous historical person? Send me an email. If it meets my criteria, we can work out something that’s super cool!

Magical World
Stories that excite the imagination and bring out the kid in all of us.
Puck, the faerie, wants us to stop littering! Princess Odette of Swan Lake destroys the demon! The alphabet is upset! Mwake and the story of evolution.

Ancient Myths
Drawing Greek , Norse, Chinese, Hawaiian, African and other wonderful places, I tell a variety of short stories about how things were explained. Apollo’s sun going astray and creating the desert. The famous Death of Balder. A love story between a Sea God and a young mortal. How the world came to be through a variety of myths.

Native American
I pull a collection from various tales from many different tribes. I tell coyote trickster tales. How skunk got his tale. 2 different versions of Grandmother Owl is she good or bad?

The How-To-Tell-Stories Story and other courses are great ways of teaching storytelling. Students learn the skills to tell better stories, to identify story parts and are encouraged to find their own story. The story of me.

LGBT stories
Stories promoting love and friendship between same sex couples.
My 2 current couples are: Achilles and Patroclus & Mary-Anne and Ginger

Spiritual Stories (not necessarily for public classrooms)
We hear ancient creation myths and about Pagan Warriors! Some of the same stories above but geared to “hippie” parents J

Political Stories
A new area I’m trying out for young adults. These story focus on great leaders and important events that lead us to a better tomorrow. The struggle for women to get the right to vote. The Magna Carter as told through the eyes of a peasant. Immigration as told through the eyes of my great Irish grandmother.